Police lights

Why should you use Photoblocker?

Do you know what license plate photoblocker technology is? If not, then let us explain. Photoblocker spray is an anti-flash spray proven to make your license plate unreadable to red light and photo radar cameras. Although we don’t condone the illegal transportation through intersections, our photoblocker spray has saved us a few times from costly tickets!

So, let us give you our best pitch! In Canada, thousands of drivers have their license plates flashed by photo radar and red light cameras each day. Sometimes, drivers won’t even notice they’ve been flashed until a few weeks later when the ticket arrives in the mail. Unfortunately, the ticket always goes to the registered owner of the vehicle. For example, let’s discuss a situation involving a friend. If you loan your vehicle to a buddy, then you’ll be responsible for the ticket after they run a red light.

Red Light Fines throughout Canada

Alberta, Canada$287
British Colombia, Canada$167
Ontario, Canada$190
Regina, Canada$180
Winnipeg, Canada$155

Obviously, these absurd fines result in millions of dollars in easy revenue. They are a “cash cow” for cities that use photo radar technology on the roadways. Although you may have a chance to reduce your fine at a first appearance hearing, do you really want to deal with a court appearance? The choice is yours: would you rather be reactive or proactive?

As we’ve already stated, our photoblocker spray for license plates is a proven defense against street cameras. We help drivers fight back against photo radars and red light cameras. If you’re tired of paying fines for camera tickets, then our product is for you!

Does your employed penalize you for receiving traffic tickets? Well, this is the best way to protect yourself. Our special formula works by reflecting the flash back into the lens of the camera. Essentially, this results in an over exposed and unreadable picture… often preventing a costly ticket. Our photoblocker is literally the photo stopper! If you’re not convinced about our product, then you can continue browsing our website for more motivation to buy. In the meantime, stay safe on the roads!