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Exterior Car Detailing in Los Angeles, CA

Welcome back to Canada Photoblocker! Today, we have an article from Los Angeles Car Detailing. When we visited LA on a business trip, we met with the owners of LA Car Detailing about a possible business partnership. Well, we’ve got splendid news! We will work with Los Angeles Car Detailing to distribute our photoblocker to the USA. Woo-hoo!

When performing an exterior auto detail, there are several steps involved. Typically, the process begins with a simple hand wash. Before we begin extensive detailing, we remove as much dirt as possible from the wheels of the car. With the use of foaming soap, car detailers allow dirt and mud to soften and life from the surface of the vehicle. After applying foaming soap, our car detailers use brushes to remove dirt from wheels, lug nuts, brake calipers, etc. We never skip this step because wheels are the dirtiest places of a vehicle.

After the wheels are clean, a car detailer in Los Angeles uses microfiber towels on the car. With the help of washing mitts, he will wash and dry the paintwork from top to bottom. If they vehicle is spotless, then the car detailing service will use a clay bar. The clay bar removes tightly bonded dirt particles from the vehicle’s paintwork, which is its clear coat.

When necessary, detailers polish paint to remove oxidation, light scratches, and swirl marks. They may polish by hand or use a specially designed polishing machine. This step is often the most time-consuming part of detailing, depending on the vehicle and the state of its paint.

When applying wax, detailers use a quality carnauba-based paste which adds an extra protective layer. Waxing also gives the paint a gorgeous shine like a new car.

Finally, technicians polish and carefully clean remaining exterior parts such as windows and rubber details. Detailers meticulously polish every corner of a vehicle’s exterior trim and body and ensure they leave the entire car gleaming.