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Q. What types of Cameras do PhotoBlocker/Photostopper Spray along with the Super Protector Defeat ?

A. Our products are designed to defeat all types of red-light, speed and photo radar cameras

Gatso Cameras
PEEK Cameras
Truvelo Cameras
Calgary's multanova 6F-2
Edmonton Red light
Traffic Cameras
  Mobile Cameras
    Calgary's Auto Patrol                   
Edmonton's sneaky new photoradar setup.

Is this product legal?

A. YES. The law in most countries requires your license to be legible to the naked eye. PhotoBlockertm/Photostopper Spray is a high gloss, clear, reflective spray that is undetectable. It causes no distortion nor does it obstruct your license plate’s view.
Besides, no one will even know you have it on. It only fools the cameras.
(Please view news reports in the review section)

Q. Does the product really work?
A. Well, how should we answer that? To date we have conclusive tests conducted by Denver Police Department, Dutch Police, Fox News, Swedish TV, Australian TV, British TV and thousands of satisfied customers in six continents. Our Products were also featured on NBC, CBS, ABC News, Tech TV, Norwegian TV, Dutch TV, Washington Times, UK’s Daily Mail and many, many more.

Additionally, our complaint or product failure rate is less than ½  of a ½ % of total sales in the past two years. We have repeat customers and 99% customer satisfaction rating. Some of our best customers are law enforcement and the same guys who install and operate the red-light/speed cameras.

Q. Can the police enhance the photo to read my plate number after it is overexposed due to PhotoBlocker/Photostopper?
The answer is NO they can not. If the positive image is illegible, the negative image will be EXACTLY as illegible. Merely looking at the negative image cannot improve the legibility of a license plate. If you can't see the faint dark letters in the positive image, then you won't see them any better as faint white letters in the negative, or vice-versa .There are certainly ways to enhance the contrast to try to amplify and clarify subtle gradations, but they have nothing at all to do with checking the negatives.

Negative of plate treated with Photoblocker/Photostoper

  Additionally, if they tamper with the picture, then that evidence is not admissible in the court of law. As a result any photo-radar image that is illegible will be discarded. They will not spend time and money to enhance a poor quality image.

Q. What about License plate covers with "adjustable" lens?
A. These are ordinary bubble covers with a light bending lens taped to the inside. As soon as water contacts the lens it fills in all spaces in the lens & it doesn't work! It may as well be just a clear cover. Plus it is stuck on with cheap tape & will fall off & you are left with a plain old bubble cover that won't. It may as well be just a clear cover. Plus it is stuck on with cheap tape & will fall off & you are left with a plain old bubble cover that won't do anything except maybe protect your license plate from rock chips.



Q. I see that other companies sell plastic covers that are gray or-brown in color, and claim to work like a polarizer? What about these?

A. WARNING: This type of cover is illegal to have on your car in most states/provinces in North America and other countries because they obstruct view of the license plate from any angle. These covers are highly visible and can get you an expensive ticket for "Obstruction of license plate numbers". We strongly recommend that you do NOT use them.

Q. Why don't you recommend using a "flash buster" or other flash-back device for beating photo radar (a device which sits over the license plate and has a small flash built in, which flashes to overexpose the photo when hit with photo radar flash)?

A. We do NOT recommend these products for very good reasons, including:
a)    Photo radar does not need to use flash on bright sunny days and the product will not work.
b)    They have to be hard-wired into your car, which is a problem.
c)    They are very expensive!

Q. How many plates can I do with one can of PhotoBlocker/Photostopper Spray can?
A. One spray can will do 3-4 US/Canadian size plates and 2-3 European size number plates.

Q. How many coats should I apply?
A. The thicker the coating the better the result. At a minimum 4-5 coats.

Q. What is this Photoblocker / Photostopper?
A. You have most likely read all this from other sites so hear ya go.

a. Photostoppertm Spray – Comes in an aerosol can and is sprayed on to your license plate. Our formula is a patent pending high gloss, clear finish, designed to defeat cameras that use flash. It causes no distortion and is undetectable to the naked eye form a distance. The majority, 95% of photo enforcement cameras use flash at some point when taking pictures. Fox 31’s Tom Martino highly recommends the spray. It is great for those areas where you can not use license plate covers. Every time it works it will save you hundreds of dollars in fines.


How long will my order take to arrive?

A. All orders shipped to US/Canadian addresses take 5-15 Days. Orders with European address will take 3-4weeks. Australian orders will take 4-6 weeks.

Q. Can I send a check or money order?
A. Yes you may. (Only US/Canadian customers through PayPal Echeck) But there is a hold until it is cleared, The fastest and easiest way is to use Paypal or Credit Cards through Paypal (No need for a Paypal membership).

Q. How much should my check be for?
A. The best way to find out how much to send is to go through the on-line buying process and select your products. Then go a few more steps and stop right when the web page asks you for your credit card information. On that page you will see a total with shipping. You can either print the page or write down the content of your selected products and mail it to us with a check/money order. :

Q. Can I order C.O.D.?
We removed the C.O.D option at this time. If still interested give us a call to arrange something.

Q. How do I apply Photoblocker / Photostopper to my number plate? Are there any special instructions?


Shake can well before use!

1. Remove plate, clean surface with clean warm water (DO NOT USE DETERGENTS) and dry thoroughly then Place flat.
2. Spray Photostopper approx 4-6 inches away from plate evenly until surface is totally saturated and glossy (In a well ventilated area). Let dry, preferably indoors for approx 10-15 minutes and repeat 4-5 times  plate should be glossy and smooth.
3. Let dry for at least 2 hours, for permanent finish. Remember keep your number plate clean using a sponge and water.

NOTE: Photostopper cannot be tested using domestic camera flash. The power of the Flash used in a Gatso Camera for example is 500 watts. 


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