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The most common complaint from neighborhood residents regarding crime and home security is that they are being burglarized. According to a national survey conducted by the Homeowners Association of America, most home security and safety problems experienced by residential customers (mostly homeowners) are not being reported to police. Only 5% of crimes reported to law enforcement are ever followed up on by the victims or crime victims themselves.

Security systems for the home are often overlooked by most homeowners because their main goal is the upkeep of the home. Unfortunately, security systems only work when people recognize there is a risk. It is also important to have proper lighting, good doors and windows, and adequate landscaping. Having these in place will not make a home an inviting target for criminals, but having them does not mean a house is safe. In addition to providing security systems, crime can be prevented by installing anti-theft devices, such as burglar alarms or smoke detectors.

Having a neighborhood watch is another simple way to help prevent crime and deter criminals. A neighborhood watch is similar to a neighborhood security patrol team. This group could consist of homeowners, property owners, or business owners who all participate in neighborhood watch. If a crime occurs in one of the areas that is part of the neighborhood watch, the next door neighbor or the next street over will report the incident. This could save law enforcement hours each day searching for possible perpetrators.

Participating in a neighborhood watch can be a great benefit. The members will receive crime alerts through the mail and phone calls. They will all work together to stop crime in their neighborhood. If a crime does occur, they will be able to work together to solve the crime. This will also let the neighborhood residents know that the police are aware of any criminal activity and are actively searching for suspects.

Another great benefit is a crime deterrent. When crime is committed, the noise of the neighbors is so loud and constant, it is difficult for a criminal activity to go unnoticed. Neighbors will all come to the aid of one another if a crime happens and stop the criminal from doing anything they should not. Many times just hearing a noise or someone talking about something will clue in a potential perpetrator that there is a group watching out for them.

Installing home security systems are another way to deter crime. There are many different types of systems such as; alarms, video surveillance, and keypads. Some of the newer technology in these systems is called IPTV. This is where the video is sent wirelessly directly to a tablet or phone. Crime and home-security systems have changed drastically over the years. Technology has made homeowners more aware of what they need to do to keep their homes safe. Crime stoppers such as motion-sensor lights have become standard in some neighborhoods. Even those who choose to live in a serene and quiet neighborhood can benefit from installing an alarm system. Crime stoppers come with sirens, bells, and flashing lights. They are designed to scare off criminals while notifying the community that a security system is present.